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Roads are a measure to the development of a region and form the very essence of economic and social development. Midmac group has started development of roads recently. Midmac group is well adopted and fully integrated and geared to Design, Build, Install and operate within the required time frame, comprehensive solutions as a single point provider. A very much decentralised approach as our offices are widely distributed across different infrastructure projects in Karnataka. We ensure and boost practices that involve the use of the most current technologies in vogue worldwide and ensures minimization of complex processes and ease constraining project execution labor.

We use highly sophisticated construction, earth moving and levelling equipment such as excavators, crushers, rollers, mixers, presses, pavers, compacters, broomers, and advanced logistics. Midmac commands the best of tools for effective and speedy execution of engineering, civil and manufacturing projects of any scale anywhere in the country and across the globe. We have the skills and experience to successfully deliver projects ranging from Residential & Commercial structures, Regional roads and Bridges through to major state highways, major district roads and bypasses in urban areas. Our services encompass design, development, construction and operation and maintenance.

:: Our areas of expertise ::

  • Residential Structure
  • Commercial Structure
  • State Highway
  • Bridges
  • Major CDP Road
  • Major District Road
  • Embankments