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Immerse yourself in the river retreat. Make your days tranquil by watching rising of the sun and the sunset in vicinity of the brook, leave your stressful day behind and relax totally as the gentle breeze embraces you. Having residence close to nature makes you stay healthy and fit. Because the Bhadravati plateau is naturally blessed with cooler environment, exhilarating air and pollution free atmosphere.

Set on the banks of Bhadravati River, it is bountifully blessed by nature. Bhadravati town is a true heaven in Karnataka. The rich diversity of flora and fauna, dense forests, breathtaking waterfalls and plains, which are matched only by its vibrant heritage found in its magnificent forts, temples and historical sites.

As Bhadravati is changing, today it’s not more than just a dream destination for tourists but a modern, affluent and progressive city with excellent connectivity, modern amenities and tremendous growth potential. Not to forget that it’s a centre of learning with many reputed institutions.



 Proximity to key locations:  




1.  Railway station – 1 kms
2.  Bus terminus – ½ kms
3.  Upcoming airport – 4kms
4.  Siddharoodha nagar
5.  Court and taluka – ½ kms

Nearby educational institutions:


1.  Jawaharlal Nehru English School
2.  Vishweshwaraiah School

 Water, electricity and sewage points for each plot.

 Underground cabling for electrical lines.

 Underground sewage system.

 Storm water drains.

 Systematic asphalted roads.

 Street Lights and Tree lined avenues.

 Sufficient number of transformers and feeder pillar boxes as per regulatory norms.


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